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Transmission & Engine Oil Cooler Tech?

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As per the title, does anyone have any decent info on cooling characteristics of rads / coolers by air-speed and size? Also flow rate and any other factors.

I have some input on drag of radiator-type surfaces, but it's not really what I'm after - hopefully I'll have enough horsepower that I don't care! :D

I'm looking to add coolers to my transmission and transfer box (non-Rover), via the drain / fill plug holes.

Any sources of fairly small pumps (maybe one 2 stage pump for both?) Would also be jolly useful. B)

Thoughts on running a fan, or just air-cooling the rad? (probably don't need the fan I guess).

Any input on engine oil cooling?

Cheers me dears.

Come on - lets get some more tech going on around here. Al. ;)

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I've got no science on the thermodynamics

I've fitted the biggest oil coolers I could find/afford, and then stuck fans on them.

Here is the engine oil cooler


Fan is from a 600cc sports bike - a tenner from eBay

Here is the transmission oil cooler - from a aircraft !!


There is no forced air cooling, as most of my stuff will be at low speed, there is only about 2-3" between the rads and panels, but it will be easy to add ducting later if this proves to be an issue.

If you've run a fast stage, you need to be able to take the heat away when coming to a rest, so you will need fans IMHO whatever you are doing if you are building it right.

I'm not running any stats (cost + simplicity) just gauges and manual controls for the fans.

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I have gone a similar route for my autobox cooler, 235mm 34 row with a 9" fan on the back. If required i will look at ducting cool air, but will see how it goes. No thermostat here either, temp guage and manual switch for the fan.


Engine oil cooler (235mm 13 row) will get some air flow and also the rad fans draw air some through it when they are on, no seperate fan, no thermostat, just temperature or manually switched fans on the rad, and oil and water temp guages.


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