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Help with Freelander Engine


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Hello. I guess this topic may have been covered, but can anyone help me with some info. I have had a look at at 1998/99 diesel Freelander with over 95000 miles on the clock. It blow a hose sometime ago, which led to the engine overheating. The current owner had the engine repaired, but looking at it today it have white smoke coming out the exhust and a knocking sound from the engine. Is this a sign that there is still a major problem with it, or is it a simple problem to sort out? The vehicle hasn't been ran or moved for a while so could it have been just cold for it sound like that?

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There is a possibility that the white smoke is just condensation from the inside of the exhaust, especially if its been stood for a while.

Where is the knocking coming from? Top or bottom of the engine? I'm not sure if it has them, but if it has hydraulic lifters then it could also be that they just haven't got enough oil in them to quieten them down.

I'd run the engine until its up to working temp first, see if the smoke disappears and the knocking subsides.


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