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wiring up a roof bar

Guest noggy AKA Mortus

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Guest noggy

I agreed to wire up my mates light bar on his disco, thinking to myself "how hard can i be? i did spend 3 years doing systems and control". But have now found, i cannot remember anything that i learnt!

4 work lamps, bulbs are 12volts and 55Watts

Ive got some 25amp cable (though that should be ok?)

i have wired the lights in parallel (is this my mistake? series may be better?)

Im sure Luke will answer me with relative ease!

My fat friend (Adambowling on here) also hasnt bought a relay i was going to wire it up without, what does the panel think to that?



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They need to be wired in parallel, no question about that. each 12v bulb needs to see 12v.

4 x 55w = 220 W

P = I x V, so P / V = I

220 / 12 = 18.3 A

So 25 A cable will be ok, and a 20 A fuse will do nicely.

I reckon you'll struggle to find a switch capable of handling the current, if you do, it'll probably be pretty chunky, and more expensive than a relay, which will only cost a couple of quid and make the whole job a lot easier.

Edit: Here's one I copy-and-pasted earlier....


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