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Can I apply for a V5


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As I have loads of landrover parts kicking around I fancy using some of them to build a landrover on a budget to put on the road.

A year or so back I bought a pile of bits from a breakers yard with the intention of using the chassis to repair my bent offroader.

The pile of bits consist of:-

front and rear 300tdi axle.

300tdi engine block.

300tdi chassis.

300tdi bulkhead.

Have got on the bulkhead and on the chassis the vehicle chassis number,I guess if I look hard enough I can find axle numbers and a engine number.

Would it be possible for me to apply for a v5 given the limited information I have.

I seem to think the heritage center? or somewhere used to keep a log of chassis numbers and could inform you to the age and registration number for a fee is this the case for a 300tdi? has anybody got a useful link?

buried in the front of the bulkhead were numerous business cards and I am in the process of seeing if I can find the registration number.

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Guest noggy

I assume for the vehicle to be in the breakers yard that it will have been scrapped on the V5 document, therefore i imagine getting it unscrapped and registered fairy difficult if not impossible.

Probably the best idea to buy a rotted out old 90 and use that identity, plus it'd be a very good donor vehicle for the remaining parts!

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I have registered a couple of cars with no registration, from scrap. Depending on the category of scrapping / writing off you should be able to get a registration back, although it won't be the one it previously had. What's needed to do this will vary from an MOT & rubber stamp at the DVLA office to a VIC to potentially an SVA.

Your best bet is to speak to the DVLA.

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as FridgeFreezer sead give DVLA a ring with the chassis & engine No. see if there is any reson you can't put them back on the road CAT right offs if cat A thay can not go back on the road or be sold for speares, cat B can't go back on the road but can be used for speares, i think! i did look in to buying a right off to use my self but got confused and gave up at the time.

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Mate of mine baught a Vauxhall Nova rally car, and wanted to put it back on the road. It had been used offroad for years and didnt have any documents. He phoned the DVLA with the VIN and asked about ordering the V5 for the original registraton mark etc, and was told they couldnt look up the original registration mark from the vin!!!!, all he could to is re-register it, and it would be issued a new V5 and VRM.

Not sure how far he's got with the process though.

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