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Hi, a very neat system, I have been trying to locate these parts to do the same job.

Having given up the quest I have just done something similar to this with my S1, except it is for trickle charging to keep the battery up.

My Battery is in the passenger side seat box, so I was looking around for some type of plug to simplify the job of attaching a charger which has a maintaining facility.

In my box of computer leads I found several redundant power leads with male and female plugs similar to those you join the vdu to the tower.

I chopped this in half and soldered the end with the male plugs to the charger leads after chopping off the crocodile clips.

I then found a chassis mount female coupling out of an old computer, this was mounted in the nearside seat side panel. Alongside this I fitted a fuse capsule holder. The fuse is there to protect the battery if the wiring gets shorted out.

Soldered a Red wire to the =+ve and a black one to the -ve. Took the red wire to the fuse and then the battery + terminal. Black wire direct to the -ve battery terminal.

Wires were tidied up with cable ties.

Now I just plug in the charger and pass the cable over the door top.

Works a treat. The other half of the cable was fitted with crocodile clips so it plugs on to the battery charger if I need to use it elsewhere.

I am planning to fit sockets onto my P38 and the wife's RAV just to get them all on the same standard.

On the P38 I will probably just use a cable with the female socket attached and coil it up next to the battery box when not in use, I don't want to cut holes in the bodywork to fit a fixed socket.

Warning: a bit obvious but if you use this system is not suitable for jump starting... the cables/fuses will blow. If you have a 20amp charger, make sure the wires are up to the load. I have a little Halfords charger to do this job, my big charger still uses the crocodile clips direct to battery only, these sometimes get hot!

As this is designed as a mains power plug it could be worth fixing a label to avoid some dipstick trying to use it as a power supply for the kettle:o

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Cable used 35mm2 each one, same used or recommender for Warn winches

Plugs and receptacles

Amerline Enterprises Co.

9509 Winona Avenue

Schiller Park, IL 60176 (847) 671-6554

(847) 671-6542 (Fax) http://www.amerline.com/singlewire.htm




and others

This receptacle and plug are the same used in my other Jeep M151-A1 24v


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The plugs/sockets you describe are known (to me at least) as IEC plugs. They are rated for 10A, so for the trickle charging you are using them for they will be fine, and in fact most small battery chargers will deliver ~ 5-10A but I would be very wary of charging a heavily discharged battery though them, and certainly I wouldn't use them for starting another vehicle.

I don't suspect for a minute that you would consider doing either, but just saying to make sure ;)



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