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L Jackson & Co owner jailed

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As seen here the owner of L Jackson & Co has been locked up for exporting nice green trucks to shady characters. Not sure how this may affect the business should anyone be buying things from him :unsure:

6 November 2009

1. Details of the case

On 4 November Mr Andrew Jackson, owner of Doncaster-based L Jackson & Co, was given a 2 year, 8 month jail term at Southwark Crown Court after admitting breaking an arms embargo by selling military vehicles to Sudan without a licence. An employee of L Jackson, Mr Stephen Smithey, received a suspended jail sentence of 35 weeks plus 150 hours of community service.

The vehicles in question (Hagglund BV206 personnel carriers) are specifically designed to move large numbers of military troops across difficult terrain, such as desert. Jackson had applied for an export licence to send 15 of these vehicles to Sudan in September 2005 but this was refused. He then shipped the vehicles to Norway, evading controls by deliberately and wrongly using an open general export licence which is usually reserved for UK military surplus vehicles. In reality, he was making secret arrangements to have the BV206 vehicles forwarded on to Sudan. When interviewed, Jackson said the use of the open general export licence had been an administrative mistake. This, however, was at odds with forensic evidence recovered from his computer and material obtained by investigators from Norway. An employee, Steve Smithey, was arrested in 2009 after documents showed his involvement in the subterfuge. When interviewed, Smithey eventually admitted that both he and Jackson knew that the vehicles were going to Sudan, after the licence had been refused.

A year later Jackson shipped a further 15 vehicles to Norway. This time he applied for an export licence, with no mention of Sudan, which was approved. These 15 vehicles were also sent directly to Sudan from Norway, to the same end-user.

Confiscation proceedings are underway against Andrew Jackson

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in my experience l jackson &co were so far up there own arses they could pick there noses from inside!went there with a bloke i worked for to buy dump trucks for a landfill site,very arrogant,thought they were doing us a favour dealing with us,no doubt he will serve most of it in an open prison,fairly close to doncaster too.

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