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My P38 Diesel lost it fan when the viscous undone itself ,never heard of this before?? consequently it overheated and I think the turbo is toast as it wont rev above 1500 rpm unless I disconnect the inter cooler hoses,it ticks over as sweet as a nut and dose not over heat, do I fit a new head gasket regardless? turbo will be removed soon for inspection.

This happened to you ? Comments appreciated.

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My first petrol P38 had a comment by the fitter that the water pump bearing was beginning to wear, I checked and found a little bit of movement, so I left it for later.

A couple of weeks later, big bang and rattles, cloud of steam, pull over and lift the bonnet. The pump bearing had failed, the fan twisted on its shaft and tore up the radiator. Big bill for recovery, new pump and fan, new radiator.

We checked for gases in the coolant luckily I had shut down before the engine cooked.

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