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Clutch scoring on forks

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I have a question relating to some heavy scoring on the clutch forks of my old clutch that im replacing.

before I put it all back together again I wanted to see if anybody knew what would cause this?

There doesnt seem to be any movement back and forth on the main shaft from the box and the dual mass seems ok.

How do I check the flywheel for wear??

The problem started when I dipped the clutch one day and I started getting a juddering when pulling away. This seemed to go after a while and then it re appeared after a longer journey, so I could only think that it was due to things heating up and thought it was something to do with the thrust bearing, however this seems to be ok.

As I said before I dont want to put it all back together to find that there is something else that needs sorting!

Could it be a problem with the clutch slave? When I remove it there did seem to be some back pressure there?

Any help would be appreciated thanks,


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I haven't any info on checks for the dual mass flywheel, so can't comment if it's good or bad.

I think the only sure way to check it is to remove it whilst its accessable (unfortunately!!)

It doesnt sound that good anyway, you can hear something mettallic and grinding when its moved.

Ouch its going to be expensive!!

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