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110 Clutch Problems


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Replaced the clutch 3/4 weeks ago on my 110.

2.8TGV engine, R380 gearbox, Rocky Mountain overdrive, 33" tyres, vehicle is quite heavy with expedition kit/winch & bumper, guards etc.

Concerns -

Light juddering in first and reverse, from installation of new clutch, an uprated AP version with additional clamping force from M&D Engineering.

When driving at 60mph in overdrive and 5th gear a vibration occurs in transmission when meeting a hill or slope or strong head wind, engine is at 2000rpm, if I drop to 4th gear and accelerate vibration ceases.

Similar but not as noticeable vibration is also present if out of overdrive when meeting a hill, again around 2000rpm. There is no evidence of clutch slip under any conditions even when trying to induce them when attempting to determine symptoms of the vibration.

It's not tyres out of balance, UJ's are all tight etc.

Fitted correctly, no oil leaking from crank seal, propshaft put back as was, engine/gearbox mountings sound, Rakeway solid alloy thrust bearing fitted, gearbox input shaft not hung on plate when mating etc etc.

The old clutch (a 130 H/D Borg & Beck with 18000 miles since new) used to slip on uphill sections in overdrive 5th at say 50mph when more power was applied, otherwise no slipping. On removal the plate was in good condition, the clutch cover plate did show evidence of hot spots where slippage had taken place.

With the additional clamping force of the new clutch cover plate +25% (according to M&D) is it possible that the plate is not slipping but the power/weight/gearing is causing the plate springs to vibrate/chatter causing the symptoms?

Rakeway can provide an even stronger plate and cover from AP Racing (different company to AP), may have to go for this option, but would like to know why first!

Has anyone had similar issues or can suggest what might be the cause.


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i have a range rover bobtail 1990 v8 and my clutch was sliping in 5 on hills so me and my mate changed it .when i first went out in it that judderd all day in 1 and reverse after a few more outings it stop ? :huh:

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i have had that same issue recently when i changed the clutch on my 300tdi 90.

new clutch included everything, all the way down to slave cylinder and the little plastic clip on the clutch arm. The whole kit and kaboodle was changed while it was appart.

first 2 weeks afterwards the clutch juddered. Took it back and they said to try slipping the clutch gently a bit more when setting off for the next week and see if it improved. Bingo, worked a charm.

I can only think its like bedding in a new set of brake pads on used disks, takes a while for everything to wear in and sit nicely. Unless of course your flywheel was skimmed or was new............

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Is that the M&D 'normal' heavy duty clutch they recommend for the TGV, or the super expensive 'special' they offer?

With the 'normal' M&D uprated clutch, I drove around for months with bad clutch judder, then the centre of the driven plate exploded on a hill climb at Seven Sisters :(

I needed it sorted in a hurry, so bought the mega priced clutch from M&D, which has been fine for 60K so far.

I have similar drivetrain to you, but the Ibex is lighter, being 90".

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