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Is it love or hate


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Just finished up the last of the things I wanted to do on the Rangie before starting the ute. I knew that I would not get a chance to work on the Rangie once I started the ute, so I wanted everything out of the way.

The next day I started getting a clunking in the car. It was like the handbrake was locking on. So I pulled apart and adjusted the handbrake system twice. But it was still doing it.

Finally tracked it down to the front diff. Pulled it out and found every bolt holding the crownwheel to the diff centre in various stages of being undone and a lot of metal with deep gouges in the diff housing from the bolts. Those crownwheel bolts had not been touched since being install around 10 years ago. So why do they come undone now.

So does my Rangie love me and could not stand me not touching her for a long while or does it hate me and just keeps on coming up with things to fix.

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