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Anybody have pics of what a r380 disco box looks like in a 90?

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Just looking to see what might need cutting/moving/chopping/bashing.

After alot of messing about ive decided that a 'r380 from a 1997 Manual v8 disco' will be going in my 90 that up until last week had a lt77 in.

Any pictures or advice? - CHEERS CHAPS!

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It's been covered quite a few times - the Disco/RR bellhousing is quite long (~1ft) and the shifter is at the back of the box (coming straight up) rather than coming forward a-la Defender, so you move the shifter back by about a foot. It doesn't often add up in a Series or Defender.

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The transfer box doesnt really matter, they're all the same in terms of fitment.

There is no such thing as a Defender R380 for a V8, you will have to strip the box, and convert it to use the defender tailhousing, or buy a defender TD5/tdi box, and fit a disco v8 input shaft, if you want the correct shifter position.

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