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Money Scams when selling LR


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Put my Lightweight up for sale on various forums and got this scam response, surely everyone is wise to this now?

from Jeff Burton <art4impression@yahoo.com>

to Kevin B

date 17 March 2010 06:01


mailed-by yahoo.com

Signed by yahoo.com

hide details 06:01 (17 hours ago)

Hello Kevin,

Sorry for my late response, the pics look great and i'm ok with the price £3,000 and i want you to consider that it is sold to me for now. Concerning the collection , i have made arrangement with the shipping agent that will be coming for the pickup at your location as soon as we seal these transaction.

I will arrange a cheque for £4,990 in your name and you will deduct the cost of the Land Rover when it clears and the remaining balance will be send to the Shipper via money gram money transfer for immediate collection/shipping arrangment of the Land Rover because i have some other Bike and car parts to be shipped along with it from another location ..

If this is okay with you do get back to me immediately with your....




so that the cheque can be sent ASAP and i will wait for the cheque to clears before collection commence.


N:B:- You can deduct £10 extra for you to remove the advert from the advert site so i can be rest assure that the Land Rover is sold to me pending the receiving of the payment.

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Guest noggy

err... youd be well stupid to put your landy in a container without receiving payment...

that seems genuine to me..

i consider myself pretty good at spotting scams...

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Erm, no. Have a look at the Met Police fraud website. The important bits are:

1) Be particularly wary of any sale where:

The ‘buyer' appears to want to remain distant from you (such as not wishing to meet you or see the goods prior to purchase or by their using a third party as an intermediary or ‘shipping agent')

You receive a cheque or banker's draft in payment that is for more money than your asking price

At the time of receipt or later you receive a request to send all or some of this difference to the ‘buyer', a third party or a ‘shipping agent' by way of money transfer (irrespective of whether their cheque or banker's draft has already entered your account).

As it is most likely an attempt at FRAUD with you as the intended victim. This is because a stolen cheque or bankers draft can be recalled by the bank even after the funds have gone through the clearing cycle and are showing on your account. Any money transfered by you cannot be recalled once sent.

You will not be reimbursed by the bank for your loss

Don't do it....

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err... youd be well stupid to put your landy in a container without receiving payment...

that seems genuine to me..

i consider myself pretty good at spotting scams...

Its not about putting the Landie in a container, they are not interested in the Landie. The way this works, as has been said above, is I agree a price and the nice man with the dodgy western union or whatever chequebook sends me a check for my money plus shipping fees. I bank his dodgy check and funds will show in my account. Thinking the funds have cleared I then forward 2K to the "shipping agent". As soon as I have done this the original cheque I deposited is either cancelled (I believe Western Union type cheques can be cancelled 28 days after depositing, even though funds show as cleared) or is found to be stolen, fraudulent etc and the bank cancels it. My 2 grand transaction has already gone and there is not a thing I can do about it. Nae luck!

I thought everyone must be aware of this scam by now but then they are still doing it so some poor bazza's must still be getting caught out. That's why I posted.

If you feel inclined you can have some fun with these low lifes here or here

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A cheque can be recalled no matter how old or how long ago it was cashed.

the normal big banks are not known for recalling them once cashed but a shaddy one can do what it likes and thats were thay get you!

You can right a cheque on a post it note if you wish as long as it has the correct information on it, its a cheque and any bank will cash it(it may take a bit longer to clear than normal).

a bankers draft is the same we are too used to trusting our big banks that are above board and strickly monitered but some doggy niggiran one thats not the case

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