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Paint reccomendation for chassis?

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Well its getting lighter nights and in good daylight now I realise my 90 needs sprucing up!

The chassis although in very good nick now with only light surface rust does need a little work, and I wondered what paint and preperation I should use. Any advice guys?


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A good clean up with a wire brush wheel in the drill and then a coat of POR-15 (I swear by it!) followed by a coat of chassis black.

POR-15 from here: -


(I have no connection with the above company but so far as I know it's the only UK stockist.)

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I havent used POR 15, some swear by it, some hate it. Same with hammerite paint (i hate it because rust seems to appear through this paint that is suposed to stop rust and i've tried every possible preperation technique) Its a really difficult thing to advise on because everyone says something different! My 110 chassis has a lot of paint left on it from the rear door forwards. Behind that is a bit rusty and i need to sort it out. I'm just going for a wire brush all over and then smothering it in waxoyl and topping up when required. I've done as far forward as the spring mounts (end of last summer) as i had the tank off to do the crossmember and that seems to have been ok so far. Once i have welded up the remaining hile behind the gearbox crossmember, i want to try and get someone to treat the inside of the chassis rails as i'm not convinced i can do it properly with the waxoyl pump myself.

There is an article in one of the recent LROs that covers tis with their reccomendations as well.

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Here we don't have a producto like waxoyl, is it valid to fill inside the chasis with diesel? some friends of mine protect their frame this way in their Santanas, with really no concerns on rust. I live around 20 meters to beach, so rust is a relly big concern for me. How can I efectevely wash inside rails of the frame?

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If I was doing it again I would thin down some polyester bedliner about 40% and spray on a good couple coats and then give it 2 weeks to cure. That would never

come off if done right.

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