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discovery tapping on the underside.


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hey all . iv got a taping/rattling noise happening underneith my discovery 200tdi. it sounds to be on the drivers side. iv been under and really tried everything. but there doesnt seem to be any play in anything.

it happens more over bumps. its not always there , so i think i could rule out the possibility of transmissions.

any ideas anyone.



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Possibly a UJ on the propshaft on the way out. To test it you must first unload it or you will never suspect anything. Park on the flat and chock the wheels and then make sure the handbrake is off. Get underneath and give the props a good wiggle. Any wear should become immediately apparent.

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Hi, I think that the two problems are not related. The rattling sounds like it could possibly be a UJ on one of the props on the way out. Mine has gone recently on the front but took a while to find this out as when underneath there was no play that I could feel, but decided to grease them anyway. Then noticed that there was no excess grease coming from one Spigot/Arm/Leg......thingy where the excess comes from.http://forums.lr4x4.com/public/style_emoticons/default/blink.gif

On removal I found two were fine, one had no grease and rusted bearings and one had no bearings left at all and the outer shell was damaged prior to removing. Secondly the fuel light problem would suggest to me that the fuel level sender unit might be on the way out. I seem to remember reading on a forum somewhere about a wire on the bottom needing re-soldering.

Hope this helps you.


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