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Electrical query

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Good afternoon all.

I've run a new circuit to power an inverter and a set of cigarette plugs. At the moment the power wire is going straight through (fused) to the battery. This obviously creates a constant live circuit. My question being, how do I make it that it is switched off with the ignition? I'm thinking of using a relay, but am not really sure where to pick up the live ignition feed from?

I have a 1998 Disco V8, and any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


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Where have you mounted the inverter/lighter sockets? There are various switched live feeds around the vehicle. I'd suggest something attached to the music making machinery would be the easiest to hijack.

However, I'd be tempted to not have it ignition switched. It can be very handy to leave things plugged in/charging without having the rest of the vehicle switched on.

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White wires (often white/green, check the circuit diagram) are ignition switched feeds so finding the nearest one of those and running it to the coil of the relay would give you ignition live switching.

If you wanted the option, an SPDT (on-off-on) switch with one end connected to ignition and the other to a +12v feed, with the output to the relay, would do it, but you would be drawing current to keep the relay on. Not a problem short-term but if you left it for a week you may find a flat battery.

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I have my inverter on a permenant live feed from the battery with just a fuse and an isolator to control the supply. It does mean that I can be charging tool batteries and laptop or running a printer or 240v power tools without leaving my keys in the ignition and a temptation to local tea leaves.

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