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Dont think its supposed to look like that!

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Took apart the nearside axle end tonight, and found this:


Its clearly been messed with by someone, the CV joint has an ABS ring on it, so is presumably from a TD5 (its a 300TDI axle), and when its been done they've filled it with some kinda mank instead of the proper oneshot or EP90! There appears to be both red and yellow grease in there too.

I'm hoping the joint is ok, but i need to clean all the carp out first.

Any ideas what i can soak the joint in to dissolve away all the gunk? Perhaps some petrol?

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ye i use brake cleaner myself, although usually the aerosol spray version. I'll have to see if the factors has it in a big can, but i suspect 5L of petrol will be cheaper, as the can i usually buy is a fiver!

I also found the brake cleaner didnt seem to do much to dissolve the oneshot grease in the other swivel, but maybe a bath in the stuff would work better.

Does anyone know if the landrover CV's come apart completely? IE can i remove the cage and balls and clean them up individually?

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Ive seen people make there own home made degreasers from a large plastic container with a lid (the big plastic boxes from diy shops) and a put loads for very cheap vinegar in, leave the parts in over night and they come out like new.


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Just because it has an ABS ring on it doesn't mean it had to have ABS on the truck and it more than likely came from the factory with that CV if it is post 1995. My late 200 Tdi disco (24 spline axles) even had that type of joint. So long as it is well lubricated I gues it won't have come to any harm. When I first took my Nissan patrol axles apart I was shock to find the swivel housing more or less clean and dry. But the CV itself was packed with a very thick grease and it appeared as new in there. The actual swivel ball surface was lubricate by means of a grease nipple on the housing.

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One side has the ABS ring and one side doesnt, and the side without has the proper one shot in there.

I can only imagine its original CV or shaft failed at some point in the past, and been swapped out for whatever they had to hand, or whatever the factors provided, then its been cleverly filled with that mank.

I'll see if there are any identifying marks on the CV when i clean it up, which might indicate if its OEM or a blue box special.

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Cleaned them up this morning, and managed to break one of the snap rings on the driveshaft, so i cant put one of them back together yet. :angry:

I used petrol in the end (pulled the fuel tank off the old disco and there was a couple litres left in the bottom, so used that), but lubed up the parts with some oil when i was reassembling.

They're both GKN branded CV's, however the one with the ABS ring has quite a bit less wear, and the corresponding shaft shows a bit of damage so i'm going to assume its killed a CV at some point and someones either swapped the joint over from another landy, or ordered the ABS part instead of the plain one.



Looking much better!

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