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black smoke

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hi all

i have noticed the last few weeks that there has been a lot of black smoke coming from the exhaust but mostly when going up hill, but the last two days it seems to be constant as long as i am accelerating.

any ideas what could be the cause and possible cures

many thanks in advance


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someones secretly played with your fuel pump. personally i like it. black smoke is good :ph34r:. serious note, has anyone been under the bonnet? garage, mate?

it could be a blocked air filter. less air in the mix so less full combustion = exess diesel smoke. or a air hose collapsing under turbo load.

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hi mate

nobody has messed about with the pump well not that i am aware of anyway,

and the air filter is brand new it was fitted last week to try a fix the problem,

does this meen that my pump is knackered.


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check the intake pipes, get a mate to rev it etc to see if you can see any pipes collapsing. on a 200tdi normally when in boost the top hose should feel like a bycycle tyre ie. hard to squeese but can a bit.

i dont know what youre engine is though (if its a petrol id be very very worried :rolleyes: )

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