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I've recently done the rear crank seal and rebuilt the gearbox, on a good note these aren't leaking yet.

It has however highlighted the fact that other bits leak!

When parked level nothing is leaking, when parked on a hill nose up the front diff is leaking, when parked on a hill nose down the rear diff is leaking.

Both diffs leak from just behind where the prop connects.

I've not touched these bits before - is it a simple fix or a pita?

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huh.gif Sotal, this has been discussed here recently. Do give it a google search and you will get detailed pics on it. it's a straight forward job.

If everything was found via google this place would be very quiet. I appreciate what you are saying but my first port of call was to search on here for "diff leak" in the Series Forum. I went back to mid 2009 in the results without finding anything relevant. So I guessed that this forum lacked this information. Therefore if the forum lacks the information surely it makes sense to ask on here about it so that the fourm can grow? I get fed up with responses such as "look elsewhere", or "search google", Even if I see simple questions from other members I try to answer them as it makes the forum more friendly and increases the actvity which keeps a forum going ;)

Simple on a Rover diff, a little more care needed if the rear is a salisbury.

Thanks it's a Rover diff - I've found some info via google as per dantd5's suggestion. It looks like it's either just a seal to replace which looks nice and simple or a bearing as well. If the bearings start to wear they move and destroy the seals

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