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Tuning give-aways, 200 Tdi ?


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I`m currently running a what I have believed to be a slightly modified 92 Discovery (2" britpart lift, and a Kenlow fan system),with an at least partially known history from the owner before me. I haven't looked to closely at it, but have more or less done normally servicing two times a year, late April and ditto September, oilchange, lubing et al and it have not let me down.

The last week, I`ve done some repairs (right side front axle, all four joints et al) after several failures in the Norwegian equivalent to the MOT , and while tinkering about, found a major intercooler in front of the OEM rad. This was a suprise for me, and points to other mechanical tweaks that may be in the shades of history of the car.

My question is, how can I find a status as to what is done or not done, as to engine tweaks, preferably DIY ??

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Guest noggy

Or, look on the back of the pump you should fine a 10mm bolt with a 13mm lock nut, take this out (YOU MUST REMEMBER HOW MANY TURNS IT WAS TO TAKE THIS OUT(as this affects the fuelling even down to a quarter of a turn)) if it has a plastic collar with a small metal collar underneath its not been tampered with, if they are removed its been turned up. The VERY easy way!

Also ontop the injector pump i believe 4 screws fender mentions should have yellow lines on (?) if these are lined up etc it CAN (not always) show if its been removed before.

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