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2.8 TGV over heating issues

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So to cut a long story short, my 2.8 TGV engine has died, the pistons need replacing and the head re-boaring, turbo is shot. Burnt all the oil until it seized at a very late hour just outside Amsterdam.

Luckly, the guys over at DeMetior (well it's not spelt like that)have seen this issue before, and have come up with a solution by re-routing the plumbing a little.

The history with my engine, after about a 4000 miles I had a little oil burn out, due to having 7 liters of oil in stead of 6, but sorted this by making the swirl pot leak off vent into the floor, as opposed from back into the air intake. All fine, for the next 4 k then complete oil burn out at 4am until.

On my temp guage, it was only reading on average about 91 / 95 (when going faster).

So a new engine is cheaper than the parts top fix the current, larger radiator and this re-plumb should fix it. My engine is going back tsoo nthey work out what the hell happened. As after such milage I am pretty confused why this apparently good engine could fail so badly?

Has anyone else had issues with this engine.?

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The only TGVs I've heard of being killed were because of overfilling with oil. It causes the engine to runaway and burn all it's sump oil.

Apparently there is an issue caused by using a 300tdi sump but the TGV dipstick (in a different position to a 300tdi) which means that it's easy to ened up with too much oil in the sump.

Not sure if this is the company you were referring to, but Prins Maasdijk seem to understand the issue.

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This is the correct spelling: http://www.lr-meteor.nl/

We also had problems with dad's TGV. Did great in the donor Disco on the 2000 mile test drive with only having 40.000 miles on the engine. After swapping it to the Ninety it dit great for 5000 miles also, until it died in just a normal 50 miles an hour drive on the highway. No signs of failing before, coolant temp and oil temp and pressure all ok. Brought the car to Prins Maasdijk, who discovered the last piston cracked in 2 pieces, probably due to a failing injector.

No warranty as third owner of the engine and no paperwork with it. But they did a pretty nice deal on a new TGV engine after leaving the failed one there.

Hope my own TGV, also out of a Disco donor, doesn't have that kind of problems in my 110. Is your car still in Holland? Might be an option to leave the car at Prins for them to check it out.

Good luck sorting out!

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We getting a new engine, but don't know the damage in my wallet just yet until the guy who sold me the engine know what happened?

The noise was pretty horrific, sounded like some thing teared off into a fan, then it burnt all the sump oil...

The radiator burst at the welds, and the coolant leaked at a T junction, but the Allisport tank was swollen, but held perfectly.

I am interested to see if these lr-meteor guys idea about sorted it works, but it is also interesting that the guys who sold the me the engine have no experience with such an issue.

The lr-mentor lot say that two engine had cause a head gasket to fail, due to over heating, so fingers crossed.

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