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In need of some help

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Hello everyone... I need some of your expert advice

I have a 1987 90 turbo diesel with 149,000 miles on the clock. Yesterday and today it has developed a major vibration. What is causing it?

The vibration occurs at speeds above 35mph and fairly quickly reaches its maximum and stays that way at all speeds

The vibrations occurs in any gear

When I change gear or let off the throttle the vibration stops to return as soon as the vehicle is under load.

I have checked the prop shaft joints and they seem ok

I have run the vehicle for a short while with diff lock and the vibration is similar.

I ran the vehicle in low ratio in all gears and there was no vibration at all. I only went up to about 30mph.

I hope this gives you enough information to maybe tell me what it is.


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I'll second the above, and if it is one of the props, (sounds likely,) avoid driving it until it's fixed as you will shake the guts out of the relevant diff or transfer box bearings & seals and give you a more costly repair bill.

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