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I'm new to LR4x4 but not to Landrovers. I'm also known on Landyzone as Paul D. I drive a Disco 300 Tdi 3 door '96/'97 with a few minor mods, snorkel, HD springs, steering and diff guards, and a few other bits and bobs. Really into green-laning, occasional Pay 'n Play, but not much and occasional RTV trials, which I want to get back into again .. ;)

Married, two kids, eldest going to Uni this year. Go caravanning a lot, spent New year behind a pub in 4-6" of snow in the caravan .. ;)

Most recent laning trip was in February over Strata Florida way, still some snow left, but notalot, so no issues getting through!

Must admit to joining the forum on mostly selfish ideals, my sills are less than they should be and I've already accesssed a mine of info off here (and off Landyzone) but feel I might put something back too.

Cheers .. ;)

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Heheheh, yeah, Manby show '98. Followed a lifted Defender up a hill, but had to take a small run at it ... the 5' drop onto ruts the other side, with front wheels still airborne did the business!! All lights came on, horn blaring, engine still running but all electricals going haywire, which continued when I turned the key off. Turned on again, and after a few seconds all seemed to reset and back to normal .. Happy day .. ;)

Saved my steering rods and 'stuff' so IMHO well worth the £30 off ebay .. ;)

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