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Buying an ex army tdi defender


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I can second that. I would almost garrantee that you wont find a Wolf for sale at the moment.

I am currently rebuilding one of those that the army did release. It is in a hell of a state, and requires a new chassis, which I was lucky enough to get with the Landy.

They are in strong demand, with more people with the cash to buy one than there are actually wolfs, so they always sell quickly and for a high price. The last Wolf on civvie street that I knew of, sold for £18500.

Good luck

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Am looking at a 110 Def MOD from Withams in the Auction at the moment

HOW do you get it on civvie plates? Do you have to trailer it away as it wont be legal to drive?

Sorry for the question if its a dumb one


Depends on what Withams let you do. When I bought mine at MVS years ago, they MOT'd it, I arranged the insurance, took the lot along with the MOD cast document to the DVLA office got the reg number, got the plates made, arrived at MVS, they fitted plates and I drove it away. Alternatively, you can, as you say, trailer it away. When I bought mine at MVS, it took about 2 weeks to get to the reg plate stage due to work getting in the way.


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