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110v power outlet on a LR90 via hydaulic PTO

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I have fitted a hydraulic pump that powers a H14 Superwinch and the system also has auxillery ports for tools to plug in road breakers etc. The system runs at 2500 psi @33.6 litres a min with full flow to its 1/2 BSP outlets. I now fancy putting a 110v system on to it. Is there anyone out there who has any experience with this type of system and where I could buy one.

Many thanks, Bob

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Here's some piccies for reference, it's a 4kVA unit, 110v at 36A according to the data plate on the alternator, unfortunately I couldn't get the camera in under the red cover to get a shot of the data plate. Connection is by dry-break hydro hoses as fitted to the front bumper, I assume it could be plumbed into the back of a truck or such like if desired.






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Hi Bob!

If you ever decide you don't want it any more, can I be first in the queue to buy it off you? :)

More seriously, I'm intending to put the LT230 hydraulic PTO I have had in my shed for the last four years onto my 90 as part of the current major re-build. I'd really appreciate any tips and ideas (as well as any pictures) based on your experience with the hydraulic PTO. Working out where the plumbing and the tank etc. are going to go is becoming a bit of a headache!

30+ l/min sounds like a lot for a winch. Is the PTO actually one supplied for the winch, or is this something you've assembled as a kit for yourself? I've got a series hydraulic winch which I intend to adapt to go on the 90, but I'm mainly interested in having the hydraulic supply to power agricultural gear such as a log splitter or a post driver.


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What a top place this forum is!

Rather than having to swap hoses to make different appliances run, could you not just fit a diverter valve and have it permanently piped up?

Two of our trucks are plumbed up like this, lever over one way to power the bed, the other way to power the crane circuits.

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Yes, and for equipment which is permanently mounted on the vehicle, that would make perfect sense. However, I don't want to have to carry the log splitter or the post driver (or even the winch) around all the time, and the quick connect hoses mean I can swap the equipment over to use it on my tractor when I want to.


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