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Just a couple of questions.....

The Caretaker

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Hi all. First post so lets see how this goes...

I've just become the proud owner of a 56reg Td4 with 17k on the clock, which I have bought mainly to tow my caravan and to potter backwards and forwards to work. I do not intend to go Off Roading with the grunter. Now then, having read through many posts on here, I can't really find the answers to a couple of questions I could do with answering, AND I do apologise if these have already been dicussed before. I'm hoping there are a few 'in the know' on here. ;)

Removal of prop shaft to use as a 2 wheel drive during the summer. Now I know the whole point of these vehicles is 4WD (it did come in very handy during the recent cold snap), but I've been told that towing long distances with a caravan doesn't do the transmission any favours so I was thinking about having the best of both worlds - off to France in the summer, and good road holding in the winter.

Is the removal a fairly simple job? What do I need to be aware of? Do I need to inform my insurance company? Are there any fuel savings 2WD v. 4WD, if so what are they?

Also, any other tips/advice would be very gratefully received. BTW, I know a few basics mechanically, but I'm no technician. :huh:

Many thanks in advance, Andrew.

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yes you will have to notify the insurance company and yes you will save some mpg as the drive is now only to the front wheels so less juice but the freelander does have a relatively good mpg anyway. Besides landrover built it for towing loads 2000kg max so Im not to sure about long distant towing and transmission problems. If you really wanted a 2x2 should have bought something else like a mitsubishi or toyota :hysterical: when you can drive it as rear wheel drive and part time engage four wheel drive when required. In my opinion I would leave it as you will spoil the cars drive and handling but thats just me :D

all the best

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I'm hoping there are a few 'in the know' on here. ;)

NOT getting overwhelmed by the "in the know" is the hardest bit on here ...

Anyway, welcome along!

p.s. don't own a Freelander, but it sounds an a**e for little real benefit :P

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Leave it with the full 4 whheel drive system in place. It increases the stability of the car and makes it much easier to pull away, especially with a 'van on the back. I have never heard of anyone having a problem towing for long distances with the Freelander, and as has been siad the fuel saving will be minimal.

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Thanks for the replies, I'm glad I asked now :i-m_so_happy:

Last car was an 05 Freelander TD4 HSE Auto which I used to haul a twin axle Lunar Quasar Caravan. I had the car for 2.5 years clocked up 55000 miles on her and the only issue I had was a blown diff 1 week after I placed an order for a FL2. The car also ran out of puff at 65mph :huh: but I was towing 1.5 tonnes and 60mph is the speed limit so no complaints. Very stable and a good tug. Keep the 4WD. ;)

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Just to throw some confusion into the proceedings - I unbolted my rear prop over 10,000 miles ago and it's been fine except for when it snowed :ph34r:

I have done long trips, autobahns at 100mph, towed a twin-axle car trailer, driven off-road (all round Slab common :o) and it's been fine. Unbolting is easy peasy - you need a star socket for the front coupling and normal sockets for the rest of the bolts.

It's quite surprising how far you get with 2WD if you're careful :P


The only downsides are it's easier to spin the front wheels when pulling away, especially when it's wet, and when it snowed it really sucked :lol:

HAVING SAID ALL THIS: I think you should leave yours as it is unless there's something wrong with it. You will not save any fuel or indeed gain any other real benefit, and if you are towing the extra stability and traction can't be a bad thing. If it ain't broke...

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