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Water in the boot (again!) Rear wiper?


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Sorry but I am back again and my boot is still very wet!

We have spent a bit of time today poking about and wondering why the small tear in the door seal is letting in such a disproportionate amount of water. I then asked whether in the MOT they check if the rear washer is working as mine has stopped working. To cut a long story short OH was looking on the wiper arm where I now see there is a squirty thing for the water to come out of. Having never realised it was there I have never mentioned that for the past 4 or so years the rear washer has simply poured from the top of the screen down :blush:

I am hazarding a guess that something is adrift in the pipe from the washer bottle, along the top of the door. Water then drips out constantly and in through the little tear? How complicated is tracking down this damage likely to be and do any of you have any ideas what may be the likely cause?

Once again thank you for your patience :wub:


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