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Rear Viscous Unit Question


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Hello New to Freelanders although had a 109,110 and a couple of Discos, need to know what i need to do and how often to keep the viscous unit working? also how difficult is a cam belt change on a 1.8 petrol? have done one on a 2.5 TD 200 TDI and 300 TDI so not a novice :rolleyes:

Thanks Bob

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The viscous unit isn't a serviceable item. If it seizes up, take it off and fit a new one.... and do that before it bu99ers up your IRD. Many people take them off and leave them off. There is loads of posts about the viscous on this forum so have a read.

Just done the cambelt on a diesel L series... not much difference to doing any other cambelt other than a complete lack of space. In the end I dropped the engine out... this may seem excessive, but I had a whole load of other jobs to do so it made sense.

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