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gear selection problem


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i have a slight problem when selecting gears, mainly it's when selecting 4th.

when the lever is central it has normal sideways movement to the 5th/reverse position but hardly any sideways movement to the 1st/2nd position.

going from 1st to 2nd is ok, 2nd to 3rd ok, 3rd to 4th it doesn't go in unless i pull the lever slightly to the right.

it's as though the gate has moved to the right a little and not quite lining up with the lever.

the gears all work fine so i presume it's not a huge problem.

could it be something to do with the bush at the bottom of the gear stick?

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bias plate was cracked leading the spring to push too far to the left, fitted new one (£4) but it still had little travel to the left so ripped the top off the box and took the bit off the back of the selector rod which sits in the gate bit at the back and all was fine, rebuilt it and bent the bias plate bit that the springs sit on to the right a bit as it wasn't quite in line, now it's perfect, all gears select dead easy and neutral position is smack in line with 3rd and 4th with proper movement left and right.

off to change every drop of oil in everything on tuesday, thanks to my job i've got all the oils for free :D i love that price.

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