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Prop query

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Hi all,

replaced pinion seal & u/j's on my rear prop yesterday (old u/j's in a bad way),much better now but still got a vibration that feels like something out of balance.

Marked everything up before the strip down so as it went back the same.

Just wanted to check how prop should be aligned. Should yokes be at the same angle, or 90 degrees to each other,



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Rear prop yokes should be inline/phase

front prop yokes out of line/out of phase by approx 30 degrees.should be engraved arrows on both the propshaft & yoke to align when refitting.

Prop/Yokes seem to be lined up ok but still got quite a bad vibration at about 45mph.

Would the grease nipples on the u/j's put it out of balance as i didn't mark them up when i stripped the prop & can't be sure they are in the same place.

Oil leaking from pinnion seal turned out to be a blocked breather. The new seal as well as the hub seal started leaking again & on inspection the breather was blocked solid.



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