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which tools?

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theres a strange star shaped nut holding the calipers on my 110?

noone over here seems to know what they are called or where to find em?


It is a normal bolt (M8 I think) with a 12 point head on it, you can use a 12 point socket or (if you can get one on) the ring end of a 13mm spanner.

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There are actually three different fitments that all look very similar.

Bi-Hex or double hex is basically two normal hex heads overlayed on top of each other to give 12 points.

You also get Triple Square or XZN, which looks similar, but has three squares overlayed, giving 90degree points rather than 120 degree as found on bi-hex, then you get Spline Drive, which is somewhere between the two, but again "incompatible".

In reality they're all pretty similar, and you'll probably find they'll interchange to some extents, but using a bi-hex socket on a XZN thats very tight for example could make the difference between it coming out, and stripping it.

The caliper bolts will most likely be bi-hex though, meaning a normal 12 point hex socket or a ring spanner will undo them, as said.

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I found mine were siezed in and the heads badly corroded.

I had to use a drift to bray a tight fitting spanner on to them to crack them off.

Then once turning, bray the spanner back off again.

Then fit new bolts.

Actually, I might be thinking of the swivel bolts :blink:

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As Cieranc^^^^^becareful which of the bolts you use. One is much thicker whiles the other is much smaller. It reminds me of the lock nuts on the TREs. Any interchange will render the threads useless.... I did destroy my caliper threads when I interchanged the bolts.... check these out.. For my TD5 99my I used the one on the left!!!!huh.gifwink.gif


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