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To Weld or not to weld....

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I have a hole in the chassis rail that sits centrally behind the plate of the gearbox crossmember. If is in the nearside chassis rail and is about 1.5 - 2 inches by about 2 inches from memory. Given how tight the crossmember is to get between those rails and the strength i presume it provides to that section when it is bolted up, would you weld that hole up or leave it and waxoyl as is? Obviously if i am welding it up, i want to do it before i waxoyl. Perhaps i should stop being lazy and just weld it!

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I was thinking of tacking a small plate across each corner of the hole inside the chassis so that the plate i cut to sit in the hole (rather than on top) can be clamped in place flush and then welded (think that makes sense). I need to do this before i can finish rustproofing the chassis, but i have little motivation for either job at the moment!!

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That's quite a good plan ^^^

So is using a magnetic spiritlevel (if you need the length)/magnetic welders clamp to hold it in place while you tack smile.gif

I often just tack a bit of scrap on to the patch, to use as a handle for positioning the patch in the hole. grinding the tacks off is no hassle.

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