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Clutch and Pressure plate


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My clutch started slipping, brought the truck home and took it apart , it transpires the clutch (Borg and Beck) centre protruded forward and had fouled the centre bearing in the flywheel, clutch disk was about half worn but due to slipping was burned and unusuable. Rang a few V8 guys to compare my clutch disk to a proper v8 one and all was well, measurements were the same. I am running a Mwm 4.2 6 cyl tdi linked to a modified Lt77s gearbox. Rated torque for the engine is about 350bhp. Rang my supplier on Monday morning and he suggested using a TD5 clutch disk as a replacement. He also had a landrover V8 3.9 pressure plate in stock so was bringing that along as well. The clutch was the same size minus the center buffer springs but the pressure plate was slightly smaller and had different hole mountings, I had to use my own pressure plate when I rebuilt the truck, Question I have now is where would I go to find out what Pressure plate (PP) I have fitted, there were no numbers of any use on the PP. As I have no idea where it came from or the clamping load of the PP any suggestions or ideas where to go looking would be appreciated.

Using the TD5 clutch plate without any springs in it will this accelerate wear on the gearbox input splines?

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The TD5 plate has no springs because the flywheel is dual mass. Using an unsprung hub on a solid flywheel will result in a horrible juddery clutch that isnt very nice to use.

You would think this to be true, but I have been driving the truck all day today through city and country roads and it is as smooth as the clutch we took out the weekend

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