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TD5 Dash into a 300Tdi

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Hello everyone,

Had a look through the archive and old posts but cant find quiet what I am after. I am starting to add a few electrical items to my truck and rather then messy switches fitted here and there and the head unit spacer required for the new up-rated stereo I was wondering if the TD5 style central console will fit in the 300tdi dash, providing a solution to the stereo and additional switches I need now and will need in the future?

If this has been extensively covered in the past I do apologise for not being able to find it.

As yet I have not sourced a Td5 dash so if there are other aftermarket solutions then I would love to here these as well. As ever finance is the key - low budget will be the only route, hence the thought of a td5 dash from a scrappy etc.

All thoughts / help appreciated.


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i own a my2002 defender with the 'new' center console.

after taking it apart a few times, i doubt it will stand up to repeated removing and fitting.

my take, if you do not already have a 2002my dashboard, no big deal. the mud stuff console is a better answer as to cost wise and durability. besides it's more 'customisable' in how you want things to be laid out.

note : Td5 from 99 to 01 had the same dashboard layout as the tdi aside from the warning indicators and the digital speedo and meters.

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