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Gauge clutch wear. 300tdi

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I'm in the early stages of a chassis rebuild on my 90. I'm taking a 1990 19J vehicle and putting a galv chassis with a 300tdi engine and R380 gearbox on it. I've obtained a 300tdi engine and I'm trying to decide what I should do to it before putting it into the vehicle. Changing the cam belt is one obvious item, and I'm wondering if a new clutch plate is also desirable. The one that's on it is 8mm thick side to side. Does that sound very worn? Does anyone have a new one they can measure for me?

The current part is stamped 'Valeo'.

While the clutch plate is not itself very expensive in the overall scheme of things, this project is already turning into a fairly serious money pit and there are better uses for the money if a new plate is not required.



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I would fit a complete new clutch -- friction plate,pressure cover,release bearing, re-inforce the operating fork around the ball socket & anchor the slave cylinder pushrod to the fork too [see picture below]

last thing you want is a gearbox/engine split to do a clutch change.


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