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Transfer Box - bottom plate leaking

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Newbie 110 owner question... The gasket around the bottom cover plate on my LT230 was leaking badly when it got hot. So I replaced the old cork gasket with Land Rover gasket-in-a-tube. Still leaks when hot. Suspect some of the drips originate from the bolt threads. So going to fit a new cork gasket. Does that need any sealant adding before it is fitted - what's the best way to stop the dreaded drips ?


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Thanks guys. I'm pretty sure it's the gasket and/or the bottom-most bolt. When it's really hot the EP90 literally drips off the corner, if I slacken the bolt it runs out. The rest of the box appears to be dry, but I will look at the areas mentioned a bit closer. Will try cleaning the faces well and fitting a greased cork gasket next week - and see what happens. Is there anything that can be put on the bolt threads to seal them as well ?

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