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300tdi cambelt interchangeable with 2.8TGV?

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so in theory could you use the tgv belt thats stronger on a 300tdi?

Certainly, if you can find one. Tracing the International part number through various manufacturers catalogues, the only difference I found indicated was that the International part calls up a special tooth profile. The same part number is used for the HS2500, which afaik is a 300tdi by any other name.

I couldn't find any info on what was different about the profile, and when I changed mine the belt looked exactly the same as the 300tdi belt I fitted.

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when i spoke to M&D about the belts they stated the only difference was the tgv belt they supply was stronger than a 300tdi one to cope with the extra ommpppphhhhhh. mines run a 300tdi belt no problem from a strength perspective.

Why would you want to fit a stronger one to a 300 anyway? to delay belt changes?

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I have noticed in the 2.8tgv workshop manual that International recommed a timing belt change at 120,000km which is alot further than the 70-80k that most tdi owners adhere to....

It's the same interval in temperate (read, Europe) conditions for the 300Tdi too.

I've just had a look and Dayco lists a different part # for the HS2.8 vs the 300Tdi or 2.5 Maxion engines, 118SP+300HK for the 2.8 and 118SP+300H for the other two.

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