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TD5 oil filter

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Just changed mine before dinner. It is a pain in the ass to get at so may not have been tightened correctly to start with.

The first time I did mine it leaked, now I tighten it as much as I can (which isn't a lot considering it's location). I was very surprised how easily mine just came undone though, it wasn't leaking but was only finger tight to undo so it must have come loose since I did it (only 6000 miles ago). That was a Bearmach filter, just fitted a Mahle.

As a side note, the rotor filter was Bearmach and was quiet (which suggests it wasn't working...), I've just changed it for a Mahle filter and it's noisy on shutdown again, and spins for AGES :D

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There is no differance in which filter you use as they are all the same, it dont matter which make you use as they are all made on the same line they are just painted an have a differant screen print of the manufacture name. I know this as i use to work in a filter factory, as many genuine LR filters as i could carry home, also britpart, mann, coopers, fram.

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Here in Colombia I only have access to Britpart filters, and never have a problem for leaking or anything with them. My centrifugal is highly noisy and is a Britpart too. The Land Rover centrifugal wasn't noisy at all, but maybe it's because first owner never changed it (first change was made by me on the 120.000 kms). I want to try with Mahle, can anybody give me the reference of the part?

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