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Clutch problem on D2. HELP!!


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My clutch pedal on my TD5 has always been the same since Ive had it, but its starting to give issues now so I want to get it sorted. The car was standing for a while after the previous owner wrecked the engine and when I got it, the bite was about an inch or 2 from the floor and the rest of the movement is just free. I can push the pedal down 3/4 of the way without it doing anything. Now I just got used to this and I actually found it easier than normal, not having to push the pedal so far etc. but lately Its been giving issues with gear changes, crunchy 3rd and not getting into 2nd when cold. it also gives a problem when changing from high to low ratio.

I tried bleeding it today and it just got worse! I can only just select gears now!! when I was bleeding it, all that was coming out was fluid and air and I couldnt get the air out no matter how long I tried to bleed the system. what could be the problem? I cant see it being a leak because I havent noticed any fluid loss and surely you'd notice the fluid dripping?

thanks for any help ASAP!

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