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Balancing beads

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I was told that the heavier telfon coated BBs work very well, but I've always used the cheapest ones I can find! Depending on tyre size, likely run out etc. you'll need 250g to 500g per tyre so factor that in and buy what makes sense cost and volume wise.

As long as they are plastic, not metal of some form anything should work.

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Following on from the recent topic, im looking to use bb's as balancing beads as they work out cheaper.

What sort of bb's should i go for? Certain make or material?

Many thanks


As per the other post I use 0.2g 6mm BBs. The make is BB King and I bought them from East Midlands Airsoft from the internet. Paid around £9 for a bag of 4000 (which was more than enough for 5 tyres). I used one of the online balancing bead charts to work out how much to put in each tyre.

Had them in a year and they have been great. I am sure many other makes would do the same job.



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Quite interested in this myself. My balancing is pretty good when all is clean, but obviously mud in the rims and such throws it out dramatically. Do you put these in via the valve and after the wheels have been balanced anyway?

Is it worth it if my balancing is ok anyway? I'm guessing the weight of the beads would need to be greater than any lumps of mud stuck in the rims, which would be impractical!

Also, how are they under acceleration and deceleration? Do they wobble at all whilst they "catch-up" or do you not feel anything?

Thanks, Martin

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Hi Martin, BBs are 6mm diameter, so way too big to fit through the valve. You need to deflate the tyre and 'break' a bead to pour them in.

You don't normally use them in conjunction with conventional wheel weights. It should be one or the other.

If your wheels/tyres are currently balanced ok with conventional weights, I wouldn't bother to change until you have a problem or need to change tyres.

Mine have been fine under all conditions. They don't rattle around. You may 'notice' them very slowly in 1st low box, but nothing detrimental. The only time I remember they are there is when slowing to a stop with the window open. As I stop, I hear a faint 'tswish' sound as the BBs fall from the tyre (where they have been held stationary by centrifugal force) and bounce on the inside of the wheel.



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