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coolant loss

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My 2.5 N/A uses coolant. There are no obvious leaks so I suspected the head gasket but there is no white smoke at any time with this vehicle. She starts great, runs great but uses coolant. I don't want to replace the head gasket unless I have to so is there something I am missing....help :huh:

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Been thru the hoses several times and no dap patches on the radiatore but come to think of it I have never looked throughly over the expansion tank. My other thought is that the cap to the expansion tank is won out and it is letting out the coolant slowly as she gets hot.

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Yeah I will look for a coolant pressure tester to borrow or rent that should sort it out. For now I went through all the hoses and clamps all were fine but I found out the three bolts that hold the thermostat housing on to be a little loose and there could be a little dampnes around that seal (can't realy tell for all the oil :o ) . I have topped her up and we're off on a trip tomorrow, I'll check the level after getting back.

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