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Loom Layout diagrams

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OK Defender wiring diagrams are widely available, and usful when chasing elusive electrical problems, but what I would REALLY like is a 'loom layout diagram' if such a thing exists. ie a wiring diagram that includes what wires are in what loom, and shows the various connectors, pin numbers etc. They must exist to have made the looms in the first place but I've never found a source - anyone know if they are available somewhere on't interweb thingy? Specifically I'm after them for a 1990 110 station wagon.


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Must be nice to have that option. I think it will be easier for me to just do the wiring from scratch.

just looked at your facebook photos and am very impressed with your build , I`ve fitted a few autosparks wiring looms for customers in the past. When working it out , it costs less to buy one of theirs than to make one up for customer, as for a loom for my own , I don`t know ,,,,, cost of wire and connectors etc I`ll probably make up my own chassis loom and repair the main loom

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