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respray help please

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hi all

i have just changed colour of my landy from green to blue with a cream top

what colour should i tell the dvla

should it be blue or blue and white ?

cheers for any help


Blue, as that's the main body colour (wings, bonnet, doors, etc.)

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i would have thought so

just that i had another one that was blue and cream but had blue/white on the log book

deja vu / favourite colour ???

as you were the first to reply i am going with your opinion

you might not have named a ship , but you have decided my cars ethnic origin

well done and thanks

kind regards fraser

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my 90 is blue/ white roof, and says blue on the log book, i know when my dad tried to change colour on his log book he put coniston green and got a nice letter back saying need to put the colour in its simple form e.g blue.. green.. why couldnt they just put green lol insted of writing a letter and sending the log book back unchanged lol

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