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ive been thinking....


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looking at all the events that are planned for 2010 they seem to be quite close together and all later in the year,

phoenix, interclub, manby, de-cider are all within a few weeks of each other, so wouldnt it be a bit of an idea for event organisers to have a national calender so they can look at to try and spread them out.

i would love to do all of the above but funds and time plus repair time can not allow me to do it plus there are also the other series events to think about HW 4x4 Adventures, Buxton & Dist, Cheviot the list keeps going

thoughts please

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Afternoon Nobby, I think that NAJW used to do this but gave it up as a bad job due to the fact that everyone wanted him to search out the info rather than events sending the info to him. I do recall looking at it from time to time many moons ago!

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