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Water in the EP90 can

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Have just done a complete re-build on my 90 front axle (new bearings, swivels, seals, and a Trutrac diff) and put it all back together. Just putting the last 1/4 pint of oil in one of the swivels and realised that my 25l can of EP 90 has water in it.

I missed this before 'cos I thought that filling the axle was a good job for my 10 year old lad, which proved to be the case except he does not know when to spot there is a problem with the oil itself.

So, I've drained the swivels and the diff, and left them dripping over night. The axle has only been turned over by hand (no engine on the chassis at present!) What do I do next?:

a) take it all to pieces again, clean it, put it back together again;

b) Fill it up with freshly bought oil, run it for a while, then drain and replace with fresh oil;

c) Fill it up with freshly bought oil and forget about it;

I really don't want to have to take it all to pieces again if I can help it, but I also really don't want to waste a week's work and risk damage to a new Truetrac either. All the bits (including the Truetrac) were fairly well oiled during assembly, so my inclination is to go for option b, but what say the forum?


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If you waded the car and got a bit in it emulsifies with the oil.

I would fill the axle/swivels with as much as would go in

spin the wheels for a while then drain the lot

refill with fresh and check it again after a few days.

Alternately.. you know the rest

out with the spanners.

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