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Truetrac bearing problems

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The parable of the Truetrac diff...

I'm posting this in the hope that it might provide some useful information for anyone doing a similar exercise to me.

I've got a 1990 90 and I want to put a Truetrac diff in the front axle. This is vehicle built with a 19J engine and drum brakes on the rear. The front axle number is 22L2915x and the half shafts have got 10 splines at the diff. end.

I bought a 10 spline front Truetrac from Paddocks (their part No. DA5706). On trying to fit it, I found that it's going to be near impossible to get the carrier bearings off the old diff without damaging them, so I then ordered a new set of bearings. The number for these is the RTC2726 (bearing number LM501310) but when they arrived I found they do not fit the Truetrac (the ID is too small: 41.275 mm on the bearing, 45.32 on the Truetrac) although they would be direct replacements for the ones already in the diff. However, Paddocks seem to know what's going on, and on being prompted supplied a pair of RTC3095 bearings (a.k.a. LM102949) which have the correct OD for the diff, and the correct ID for the Truetrac.

I see this has been covered before, to some extent:


but to summarise for the benefit of others:

- If you are fitting a Truetrac, you should expect to replace the carrier bearings so buy these at the same time as the diff;

- Truetrac carrier bearings are 45.32 OD so if your original diff carrier bearings are 41.275 then you will need 2 x RTC3095 instead of the RTC2726 which are the correct replacements for the original diff.


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Fark me blind, I've just run into the very same problem five minutes ago. I wondered why those bearing part numbers were different! Wouldn't it be nice if someone told people these things. Oh well, it took about three weeks for everything to get here, so I guess it's another two or three weeks to wait for the bearings. Yippee. No wonder some companies say they'll just put the new bearings on for you.

Thanks for posting all that!

(Oh, and I know this is an old thread, but maybe it'll help someone.)

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