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Rear Door Hinges

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I'm collecting the bits to replace the back door on my 1998 110 CSW, doors here and ready for painting and new hinge set has arrived as well. The hinges appear to have been coated, possibly galvanizd but my plan is to stove enamell them.

I cannot see how they come apart, the pin has no slotted head, looks like a serated washer under the head with paper in it!!

Can anyone tell me how these things disassemble so I can get it coated or is the coating enough and just paint it.

I'm trying to keep the dreaded rust runs at bay!!


Bob R

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Rear side door or rear end [tail] door ?

side door hinges can be dismantled by drifting the pin out.

rear tail door hinges should have a nut on the bottom & a lock washer, take these off & hinge bolt will push upwards & out, when the hinge is in bits retain the spring & brass ball for rebuilding.

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I won those hinges on Eblag and looking closely at the pic it is just as Bob described it.My plans are to deliver it to a local workshop where they will sandblast it and get it sprayed with java black ! I just càn't figure why they used paper as a washer for the hingesblink.gifhuh.gif !! A landy thing I guess. An attempt to get the pin out will render it knackered for sure.



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I don't think it's a paper washer, it peels off very quickly, think this is just the backing paper off the serrated split washer. washers are mounted on a sticky paper so they're easier to handle at the factory where they're made.

Probably won't get chance to split mine down until the weekend but will sent pics when I do

Bob R

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