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Power steering squealllllllll

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Seeing the other post on here re: bleeding power steering gives me no confidence!

Anyway, my steering now makes a nice squealing noise whilst turning but only at slow speeds or whilst parking. The belt is a fairly new one and nice and tight so Im pretty sure its not that. A mate told me that I may have water in the system? Possible I guess and am I right in thinking the only alternative is to drop all the fluid out and replace with new? or is there something else Im missing?

Also I gotta replace the steering drop arm too! :(

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All power steering pumps make some noise when at the end of the travel or working hard trying to turn tyres that are not moving. Not so much as a squealing noise though.

You may have air in the system from a leak, I have replaced a few pumps and bleeding has usually been a case of turning from lock to lock a few times to clear the air in the system. The fluid will turn pink with small bubbles, luckly I have never had to anything more involved than that.

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