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Tyres Stolen West Sussex.


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Tyres stolen in Horsham, West Sussex.

On Thursday night or Friday morning this week between 21.00 and 06.30 some scrote cut through the fence into our yard and made off with my Fedima Sirocco tyres. They are a well used set of four, lots of cuts to the lugs but very little worn as never used on the road. They are 35 10.50 16s, two of them were mounted on brand new black powder coated six stud steel wheels with zinc and yellow pas beadlock rings on the outside.

Any info would be appreciated, just to get the rims back, which are pretty much useless without the other pair which I still have, would be great.


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not good at all, does that mean we are resorting to the Clyro setup for this years HW then?

if we are only going to run two wheels do you think they are better on the front or back............... :ph34r:

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Nothing further to report about the whereabouts of my tyres but....

Out of interest you may consider that your tyres (or any other part or accessory) are not insured when not in or on your vehicle. I have tried the domestic and commercial insurance companies for a property claim but both state that anything related to a motorised vehicle is excluded. I have just tried the NFU who I insure with and they won't cover anything which is not in or on the vehicle.

Basically no insurance, no matter how hard you try. :(

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That's a very good point.

When I built my Caterham I rang around about insurance first. As you correctly state the household policy will not cover it because it's car parts, and car insurance companies will not cover it until it is assembled SVA'd and registered! :blink:

With £20k worth of parts sitting in nice, easy to carry boxes I decided on increased security and getting it built asap :D

Unfortunately not something you tend to think about until it's too late. Best of luck getting hold of the scrotes who got your stuff. :ph34r:


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