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Engine mount/bracket on block

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I converted my TD to a tdi a couple of years ago now. However, after reading Smokydiesels recent thread about his engine mounts, i found myself looking at mine the other day. The passenger side mount behind the alternator was quite hard to get on when i fitted the engine and has always looked like it is pulled backwards from its mount on the chassis.

The question is, should the bracket bolted to the engine be bolted to the front or rear pair of bolt holes in the block? It is currently bolted to the rear set of holes (as it was when i bought it so i assumed this was right), but it looks like bolting it to the front pair of holes on the block would mean less stress on the rubber mount. Is there a correct set of holes to use? The mount on the drivers side is fine.

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Thanks. Sounds correct then as it is a defender engine. To be honest, it looks like it would sit correctly if it were bolted to the block between the two holes! Just wanted to check in case i was encouraging premature mount failure.

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