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Boot floor sound absorption mat


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Now the MOT people have said "no!" to the amount of rust creeping around the boot floor I'm forced to replace it. The rubber/sponge mat that covered it is also totally rust-coloured and somewhat crumbling. So, having placed it in the bin, should I get another one, in which case where do I get it? Or, should I not bother, and just go with carpet and/or one of those boot 'liners'? I noted someone used plywood?

Any thoughts appreciated! Thanks,


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I noticed on Fleabay a while ago a bloke was selling 'alternative' sound proofing made out of dense foam rubber I think. He cuts them to order and says that because they are dense they don't soak up the water. There is only one problem, he has dissappeared and I have not seen the add since I enquired about it. After spending a good hour searching through old e-mails couldn't find the enquiry or the reply. If anybody else has had dealings I would be glad to know more.


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You can have mine, I've just pulled the huge water retaining thing out after discovering a very large gap between the wheel arch and the boot floor.

Didnt do much to stop the road noise now I thing about it either. I'd put it down to the knackered wheel arch inner, now I know different.


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